• Michelle Fix

Chapter 1 - Moving Up

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

“Roberta. I know design. I know fabrics. I know color and I know my clients. But I do not know how to move up,” said Alba.

“What do you mean by ‘move up’?”

“I want to sell like a normal designer. To stores like Riniscente in Italy. Like Bon Marche in Paris or Bergdorf in New York. To have my own store. To grow. Mama, she cannot travel like this for much longer and without her…..the made-to-measure and demi-couture is not possible.”

“Oh! So you want to transition from being a trunk show business?”

“Si, si, si!! That is my desire.”

“How much business do you do each year?”

Alba would not normally share any information with anyone, but she knew that these questions would be asked at some point so she came prepared. Dante’s brother was her accountant and he gave her a set of books, which she pulled from her tote bag.

“I have everything here.”

“You are prepared!”

“I do not want to waste your time. You are such a smart woman. On the board of many companies, with your own investment firm. I am so, so lucky to have you to turn to for some counsel of my little dress business.”

“I’m happy to help, Alba. I just love your collections and sharing the word. Every woman in my family as an AB piece at this point so I’ll have to “move up” too!!”

“I would welcome that!”

Roberta started paging through the documents as the food arrived. While perusing numbers, they both nibbled at the fruit and yogurt but neither touched the mini-muffins. It was an unwritten global rule among thin women that you didn’t eat anything fattening in front of another thin woman.

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