• Michelle Fix

Chapter 1 - Numbers

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

“Well, I’m impressed, Alba. I didn’t realize you were doing over $3 million a year in sales. That is not an inconsequential business.”

Alba knew that Roberta would be impressed as no one had any idea of what type of volume she had grown to over the past fifteen years. No one needed to know how much money Alba had or what she did with it.

“You are so kind. It’s just something that has been growing from year to year with the beautiful clients I have who share with their beautiful friends. I am the luckiest designer to have such kind, giving, successful, beautiful clients. God has smiled on me.”

“I think that the Euro has smiled on you too!”

“Yes, well I am a lucky woman to have this nice way to create my life. But Mama. She cannot continue and I would like to have more time for the fabrics, the shapes, to find the new. It’s so hard to make a time for creation when I am travel so much.”

“What cities are you selling again?”

“We go to New York, Palm Beach, San Francisco, Newport, Boston of course, and I sell some pieces from my small atelier in Florence. I share space with a jewelry designer.”

“What about Chicago? Or the South? Have you ever tried Houston? Dallas?”

“Yes. I had a woman who was helping in the South. I would send her some pieces after Palm Beach but it never made much business. She wanted free things, I think was the situation.”

Roberta continued nibbling on the fruit and reviewing the portfolio of documents.

“You can give it to Rich so he can look at it too,” said Alba as she observed Roberta and sipped her coffee.

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