• Michelle Fix

Chapter 1 - Sandra

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

“I’m not sure, Alba” said Sandra. “It is too much like the blouse I got last season. I think I want a dress and coat this time.”

Each hostess got to pick some clothing for having hosted the show. After almost ten years of hostessing duties - twice a year - Sandra had a full AB wardrobe so it was getting harder to find new shapes. Thank god the fabrics were spectacular season after season. Such beauty! Alba really had an eye for color and pattern - everyone always wanted to know how did she come up with these beautiful pieces season after season?!

“Sandra, you never wear dresses. We go through this each season. You wear pants and blouses. Sometimes jackets. Always.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Alba. I wear dresses. Google me. I’m in one of your cocktail outfits at the Emerald Necklace luncheon. I wore the red dress to my son’s college graduation. And I have that blue and green floral one that I wore at my anniversary dinner with Phil.

As Alba and Sandra continued to look through the collection, Francesca rolled her eyes. Sandra was always a minimum of four to five alterations per piece so she knew she was in for a handful when the clothes were ready for a fitting.

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