• Nick Richards

Chapter 1: The Candell - Part Eight

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Jendi used the stairs right outside the medical bay to descend to the mid level, and to the exercise room. She went to a piece of equipment near one being used by Janen and Tinno, the other two soldiers under Grif and Vialon. She nodded as they kept working out, Janen smiling as he tended to do, and Tinno merely nodded in return but never broke his routine. The three of them exercised in silence for a few minutes, Jendi not thinking of anything but just staring out at the stars through the rear observation window.

“Guessed you could have used our help on that last one, huh?” asked Janen.

Jendi turned toward him.

“Vialon said that?”

“Yeah, he and Grif said you were under attack.”

“We managed,” said Jendi nonchalantly. “There was no need to fight them.”

“It might have stopped them from attacking you further,” said Tinno.

“At what cost, though,” said Jendi.

“We haven’t been used much thus far,” replied Tinno. “Why were we assigned if we are never to be used?”

“Did I say never?” said Jendi, stopping her exercise and wiping her forehead.

“No, you didn’t, but after three planets, we have had nothing to do.”

“Wouldn’t that be the ideal scenario for a soldier?” asked Jendi.

Janen laughed and said, “Very much so.”

Tinno looked at his fellow soldier with a nuanced look that mixed curiosity and dismay.

“We are here to fight your battles,” he said, turning back to Jendi. “That’s all I am saying.”

“You will do a very good job of that when the time comes,” said Jendi. “You in particular, Tinno, are someone I would hate to face in anger.”

Tinno nodded at this acknowledgement.

“We are glad to have your help, and we still hope we rarely need that help,” said Jendi, as she exited the exercise room and went back to her cabin.

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