• Nick Richards

Chapter 1: The Candell - Part Eleven

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

“Synthel,” began Sevenser in her pleasant voice, “was one of the chief trading planets in the old Federation days. It was a prosperous and wealthy planet before the Dark Days. It had moderate weather, plenty of good agricultural land, good mining areas, plenty of fishing. Planet size slightly larger than Aurial, so it will feel a bit heavier for us. No issue with breathing reported. Moderate spread of disease reported, though noting of a serious nature.”

“Skip ahead to the end,” instructed Jendi, “the last entries on Synthel.”

“Let’s see, yes, when the zealots reached Synthel, trading continued for a while as long as space travel continued, and there was a sense that the people put up with the new leaders as opposed to believing them. They tolerated the situation, did not embrace it. The last entry was about the final ship to arrive on Aurial from Synthel, and the crew telling jokes about the zealots to the nawledgists. There was never another ship from there, or anywhere else. Synthel was the last to be heard from before the Separation.”

“That’s all?” asked Jendi.

“Yes, earlier there were some more geographic and agricultural notes, and a section that said the chief cultural trait was a people who loved learning and reading books. They liked music and dance and drama.”

“What do we expect happened to them during the Separation?” asked Vialon.

“Lost their books, I expect,” said Enisaw.

“We can orbit the planet and do scans to see if they have also developed tek,” offered Renger.

“Yes, we will do that,” said Jendi, “and approach cautiously in case they have developed their own star ships, but if I were to guess, with their land being plentiful, I would expect they regressed to an agricultural society, and a prosperous one.”

“A smaller military unit to accompany you then?” asked Vialon.

“Let’s see if we can pick up any planetary communication when we get closer, and see if we can perceive what sort of culture awaits us, but I would think you and Tinno might be sufficient.”

“Not Grif too?”

“If you wish, but I think Tinno would be enough. I’ll leave it up to you after we get our final reports from the planet itself tomorrow.”

“No need for me?” asked Enisaw.

“I will want some medical packs,” said Jendi, “and not just in case we get sick, but if this was a trading culture, I’m guessing the more things we have to trade with them the better. Till tomorrow then.”

Jendi stood up and the meeting ended.

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