• Nick Richards

Chapter 1: The Candell - Part Five

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

“Their ruling method seems to be not even monarchial, more of a group of local bosses leading a mob, and the largest mob rules a local area. We, of course, did not see much more than what we assumed was their largest city, but it was a city of ruins overlaid by new huts and a few houses. Agricultural by necessity in local areas only. No trade that I was able to observe.”

“We had little time, boss,” said Grif. “Their welcome was rough and angry.”

“They probably thought we were a mob from a distant boss,” said Sevenser, “and their animosity was default behavior.”

“Yes,” agreed Jendi, “and our relative inability to communicate didn’t help. I caught only every other word of theirs, and felt mostly their emotional reaction to us. It was indeed hostile.”

“We did well to leave,” said Vialon. “They do not deserve our help.”

“Oh, I think they deserve it,” said Jendi, “but they do not realize it.”

“Primitives!” replied Vialon.

“How would you describe your great-grandfather?” asked Jendi.

Vialon didn’t reply.

“Shall I put them down as a repeat attempt in the future?” asked Sevenser.

“No,” said Vialon.

“Yes,” said Jendi, “though note that this planet will take more effort. Perhaps an advanced scout team to settle among them and learn their language changes. Then maybe set up a new boss on a new land, improve agricultural methods and show a better way, then invite a group to join them, instead of just overcoming each other to take the best for themselves. As the group grows, it can gradually incorporate more bosses and mobs until they become the dominant group of the planet. Then introduce more tek.”

“Noted,” said Sevenser.

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