• Nick Richards

Chapter 1: The Candell - Part Four

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The next morning started with Jendi checking in with Tateena who had the first shift as pilot.

“Morning, Manager,” said the navigator. “Missed you at first meal.”

Jendi smiled at the red-haired Tateena.

“Ate in my cabin,” she said. “Why? Did I miss something special?”

Tateena laughed.

“Cook found some herbs and put them in the meat. I don’t think it gave it the flavor she was hoping for. Lots of uneaten meat today.”

“Poor Doona,” sighed Jendi. “She keeps tinkering when what she usually makes is great. So, anything of note?”

“Nothing of note,” said Tateena. “On course, nothing but emptiness around us. Still scheduled for landing in five days.”

“All right, thanks, need anything from the dining hall?”

“Nope, I’m fine with my tea.”

“I’m going to the discussion,” said Jendi as she turned to leave. “If Renger comes this way first, tell her to join us on time.”

“She will be there!” said Tateena. “She’s a great pilot.”

“Hmm, thanks,” said Jendi as she walked aft to the main meeting room. Sevenser was already in her usual seat. Vialon was entering from the opposite door and he nodded at Jendi as she took her seat at the head. Grif took the seat next to his commander Vialon. As they each took up a tablet, Renger entered the door and closed it behind her as was her custom as the last to arrive.

“Joahanson’s Planet, or Wemcot as the natives now call it, was a waste of time,” began Jendi, looking at her tablet that contained her notes. “Vialon, what was your impression of the inhabitants?”

Vialon looked up from his tablet and cleared his throat.

“A backwards race that regressed greatly over the last few hundred years. I saw little in the way of teknology that was any more advanced than fire torches and primitive archery and axes. Their vocabulary was limited and branching off into what seemed to my ears as gibberish, but that just means it was unfamiliar to me.

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