• Nick Richards

Chapter 1: The Candell - Part Nine

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

At mid meal, most of the crew was in the dining hall. Although there was a central table large enough for 15, in practice there were always a couple of the dozen crew members on duty and who took their meals where they were. Today it was Tateena who remained at the pilot’s position, and Kinter who was tinkering with the ship’s engines at the engineer’s orders. Filn, the engineer, and eight others at the table while Doona served them plates of food she had prepared in the kitchen area by one wall. Jendi sat next to Filn and they talked while they ate.

“Kinter working out so far?” asked Jendi as she chewed some stew.

Filn nodded then swallowed. “Yes, he’s eager to learn, and quite good with computers, and not bad with engines.”

“Not bad?”

“It’s his first assignment,” said Filn, “and yes, I know, this is the first starship we made, so it’s everyone’s first in that sense. I just mean he was too young to be in the war, and he’s just out of school, so it amazes me that he got assigned here, you know what I am saying?”

“Oh yes,” said Jendi as he chewed off a bite of bread, “I hear you. Believe me, if he wasn’t the best at what he does, the leaders would never have put him on this crew. He lacks practical experience, but his theoretical nawledge is amazing. He loves to learn, and on a crew this size where we have to all pull our weight, he can back up most of our skills if he needed to.”

“But he’s a soldier!” said Filn.

“It’s the only way he could get on this ship,” said Vialon from across the table.

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