• Nick Richards

Chapter 1: The Candell - Part Seven

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

“I’ve noticed. Good with computers as he was sent to us for that purpose, but he likes to learn about everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to back you up as doctor.”

“Doona is fine for that role,” said Enisaw, her dark brown hair pulled back, revealing the streaks of grey. “But more backup is always welcome in a crew this size. So what brings you here this morning if you are feeling fine?”

“Just wanted to see if our health checks yesterday turned anything up from that planet.”

“Other than what I think is an allergic reaction to pollen in the air by Grif,” replied Enisaw, “that he rapidly sneezed out of his body, nothing else of note. I think, if the books be right, the fact that all these planets used to trade with each other, and people would visit other planets regularly back in the olden days, means that these planets were not dangerous to anyone’s health. I mean, why would anyone have populated a sick planet, right?”

“Yes,” said Jendi, “and this is not the sort of thing that would change with culture. Still, I like to check on my crew. How’s the doctor feeling?”

“Oh, you know me. Never been sick, always feel about the same every day.”

“Regular habits, right?” said Jendi as she smiled.

“I’ve said that too often, haven’t I,” laughed Enisaw. “Ah well, it’s the truth or I know nothing.”

“I’ll choose to believe the former,” said Jendi as she left the medical bay.

“Make sure you eat right,” the doctor called after her.

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