• Nick Richards

Chapter 1: The Candell - Part Six

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

“The first two planets had language close to ours,” continued Jedi, “do you think what we saw here will be typical, or will the standard language prevail most places?”

“Why would language change?” asked Grif. “It hasn’t been that long since we were together, if the books are right.”

“You missed that part of the training?” Vialon questioned sternly. “The nawledgists told what could happen in isolation, especially when civilizations break down as this one did.”

“To the extent a planet keeps its culture intact, the drift of language should be slow,” said Sevenser. “It’s when lands are cut off that the drift speeds up.”

“Thus our success or failure, in large part, will depend upon how much or how little the natives need our help,” sighed Jendi. “Those who need our nawledge most will have the hardest time grasping that need from our words. All right, that ends the book on this one. Please prepare all of your notes and record them by tonight,” said Jendi as she stood. The meeting ended.

Jendi walked to the back of the top level and entered the medical bay. One of the soldiers, young Kinter, was there talking to the doctor, but in a way that Jendi quickly realized was just friendly, not medical in nature, so she stuck around and greeted them when they acknowledged her.

“Anything wrong?” asked Enisaw of Jendi.

“I feel fine,” she responded. “Don’t let me interrupt your talk.”

“I don’t mind,” said Kinter as he edged toward the door. “I was just passing time with Doc.”

“I will read that book, thanks,” said Enisaw as Kinter walked out. Then she turned back to Jendi. “He’s a smart kid, that one.”

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