• Nick Richards

Chapter 1: The Candell - Part Ten

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

“As a soldier, sure,” said Filn, “but how did he get to be a soldier?”

“He studied in school, of course,” said Vialon. “Did preparatory training before the mission, tested well in combat, but his heart is in teknology. So don’t be surprised if he hangs out with you more than he needs to.”

“Well, the engine room will be safe, I guess, if we have a dedicated soldier,” Filn laughed.

Doona came over to take Jendi’s plate.

“Did you hear about my first meal fiasco?” she asked the manager.

“The local herb?” asked Jendi with an eyebrow raise and a smile.

“Ach! It was a good herb, I just did it wrong,” said the cook. “I will do better next time. But the next time you hear about this, don’t be afraid to come to first meal, I can always make up a special plate.”

“I just wasn’t hungry this morning, Doona. I just had a small snack in my cabin.”

“Is my cooking that bad?” asked Doona.

“No, no, no,” said Jendi. “We love your cooking. Now I know why Tinno is so happy and healthy.”

Tinno looked up from the end of the table closest to the kitchen, smiled and said nothing.

He was proud of his wife’s cooking, and he was very glad when Doona had been assigned to be the cook for this crew.

Jendi ate her slice of cake to finish the meal, and while some of the crew hung around afterward to drink tea or just talk, Jendi and Filn got up and went to their respective areas.

After four more days in space, Jendi met with her command crew of Sevenser, Renger, Enisaw and Vialon to discuss the plan for the next planet they would reach in another day. They sat in the main meeting room, and the meeting began as Jendi instructed Sevenser to read from the Central Book of Nawledge (not the original, of course, but a copy that had been prepared for this mission).

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