• Nick Richards

Chapter 1: The Candell - Part Three

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The ship’s main engines kicked in and soon they were past the atmosphere of the planet and back into the darkness of space. Jendi slumped into the Manager’s chair and watched the stars for a while. She let her mind drift with the sight that had not yet grown old. Space was full of blackness, but the lights that pierced this darkness was full of fire and beauty. How many of those lights contained life circling them? How many of them were lifeless? Was this nawledge lost too, or somewhere out there did there exist a people who knew each of these lights by name and could tell you the history of the planets that circled them?

“Course, manager?” asked Renger.

Jendi looked up. Yes, she thought, let’s try a fourth planet.

“As planned,” she replied with a nod. “Onto the next one.”

Renger turned back to her station, her blonde hair swinging with the motion. She touched a few buttons and the ship adjusted its heading.

Jendi suddenly realized she was hungry, so she got up and walked back through the ship’s corridor to the dining section. The central table was empty, and the main meal wasn’t scheduled for a couple of hours, so she walked over to the shelves, opened one of the protective doors and took out a food bar and unwrapped it. She sat down in one of the cushioned seats and began to chew her bar while reading one of the entertainment tablets laying on the table. It recognized her face and switched identities to Jendi, and presented her with an article she had half-finished before the latest mission. She continued munching on the bar until it was gone, but she stayed long enough to finish the article for once.

She got up and went down the port stairs to the middle level, and then went forward to the manager’s cabin. Once inside and the doors swooshed shut, she removed her clothes and took a long, warm shower and finally got that planet off her body. When she was done she dried off and dressed in casual clothes and lay on her bed and read the ship’s logs. Nothing of note that day.

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