• Nick Richards

Chapter 2: Synthel - Part Eight

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

“Quite freely,” said Jendi. “We view rich trading partners as good trading partners, so we wish all our stellar neighbors to be as rich as they can be, so they are happy to trade with us. Tell me,” she continued as she gestured around the great hall, “this does not look like a government building, yet how is it you come to govern in this spot?”

The Duke laughed and said, “We have much to talk about, for our history is interesting to tell. Are your religious halls in use as well? You had the zealots too, did you not?”

“Yes,” said Jendi, her face darkening involuntarily, “we had them. The halls are in use by others now, even as you have done.”

More seriously now, the Duke said, “It really does sound as if we have a good deal to share with each other. Please, join me at dinner tonight. I will arrange a carriage for you to come to your star-ship, as you call it, and bring you to my home. We will feast, you and I, and tell of our histories.”

“I thank you for your generosity,” said Jendi, nodding toward the Duke, “but I would ask that my administrator also join us. She is very good with history, and will aid my telling of the story.”

Jendi heard Vialon clear his throat in an unmistakable indication that he felt at least one soldier should also accompany them, but she ignored that, perceiving that even asking one extra person was more than the Duke would prefer. Indeed, he paused before responding as he thought about her request.

“Very well,” he said, “the carriage will carry you both.”

He gestured and the guards came up to the front of the hall and gestured for them to leave the building. They did so, and walked back to the Candell, greeting one person after another as they walked. The Synthellians were a very friendly people, it would seem.

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