• Nick Richards

Chapter 2: Synthel - Part Eighteen

After drinks that followed dinner, the Duke and Jendi sat and planned how trade would work between them, and then it was time for the guests to return to the ship. A carriage was brought to the front of the house and Jendi and Sevenser entered. Waving goodbye to the Duke, they were on their way.

“I feel a little drunk,” said Sevenser, sitting in the back of the carriage and facing Jendi opposite.

“It was a powerful liquor, wasn’t it?” agreed Jendi.

“I like him,” said Sevenser.

“Mmm,” replied Jendi.

Sevenser looked at her.

“You disagree?”

“Oh no,” said Jendi, “but I don’t know if I trust him yet.”

“What did he do that worried you?”

“Just a feeling when he said we were bringing this nawledge to him. Not to this world, not to these people, just him.”

“And he called it bringing him power, didn’t he?” said Sevenser.

“Yes, he did,” said Jendi quietly.

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