• Nick Richards

Chapter 2: Synthel - Part Eleven

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

A couple of hours later a carriage pulled by two horses approached. Jendi and Sevenser, now clad in formal dresses meant for top diplomatic meetings, stepped out of the ship and greeted the driver of the carriage. He welcomed them and they got into the carriage. It was just the two of them in a very ornate interior, and they enjoyed looking at the material and the designs, and from that tried to decipher more of the local culture. After that, Jendi looked in her bag and saw the gun Vialon has given her to take. It was a small weapon that fired laser light that was strengthened and focused to the point that it could burn flesh instantly. It would serve as protection if needed, though Jendi assumed they would be searched before being allowed to enter the room with the Duke, but she appreciated Vialon’s attempt. It was a perfect choice of weapon since it did not look like a weapon, but like a small, handheld light. It did also have a light, and so could easily be assumed to be a light to guide a person through a dark city street. The laser portion of the device was just under the light, and had a separate, less obvious way of turning it on. It could well be overlooked, especially by a culture that would be dazzled by the light part of the device.

“Going well so far,” said Sevenser, as she saw Jendi looking through her bag.

“So did the first planet,” said Jendi dryly.

“Do not remind me,” sighed Sevenser, “but I think we are in no danger on this planet from all that I have seen. The people seem open and friendly, and more importantly do not seem to view us a a threat.”

“No, they don’t view us as dangerous,” said Jendi, “but I want to know more about them. Why is he a Duke and not a King? Is there a King on another part of this planet? These are things I want to understand before I relax. Otherwise, yes, it is going well, as you say.”

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