• Nick Richards

Chapter 2: Synthel - Part Five

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Jendi looked around as they walked through the city, and she saw what she expected to see: a new city built atop the ruins of the old city. There were foundations of buildings that were so large as to indicate a height far beyond what was built there now. A typical foundation now formed the base of several smaller houses, none more than three floors in height. There was evidence of stone work, but most houses and other buildings were made of wood, some little more than rough logs formed together to form a wall with a roof of straw. Other buildings were more substantial, and Jendi could not see much of a pattern to it. This new city was not planned, but grew haphazardly as each person saw the need and with little regard for their neighbors or the community as a whole.

As they walked along the main avenue paved with stones, the cross streets were often just dirt alleys. But as they moved into the center of the city, more roads were paved with various types of stone, and the dwellings became more substantial and solidly built. Straight ahead, with the avenue running directly toward its center, was the largest building in the area, and with the shape and size and architecture that made it clearly of a different era. It was also clearly religious in nature.

“See that up ahead?” noted Vialon.

“I see it,” said Jendi, “but given how the rest of the city is a re-working of earlier efforts, it may not be now what it once was.”

“We may hope it so, but be cautious,” replied the military leader as he looked at Tinno.

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