• Nick Richards

Chapter 2: Synthel - Part Four

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

“I am Krindelem,” said the first horseman. “I lead the Duke’s guard.”

“I am Jendi, and I am the manager of the ship’s crew.”

“In the elder days, we have read that vistors would bring goods to trade, and our people would share the bounty of our lands with the traders. Is that why you are here?”

“Yes,” said Jendi, “we are happy to trade with you. We also come to share nawledge.”

“What is this nawledge?” asked Krindelem.

“We will share with you new ways of growing crops, or taming farm lands, or building stronger houses, or ways of traveling faster than a horse.”

“You trade your ship?” asked Krindelem, again staring at the Candell.

“No,” said Jendi, “we have only one of them, and we need this to get home again. But we can show you how you can one day build your own ship.”

Krindelem turned to the other horsemen who had been staring at either the visitors or their ship with wonder.

“The Duke will wish to learn of this. We lead them to him.”

Turning back to Jendi, he said, “Do you wish to wait for us to bring horses for you? Or do you have horses in that ship?”

“We have better than horses,” said Jendi, “but your city is not so far away, and after being inside for days, it feels good to walk such a well-maintained road. Your world is beautiful, and we enjoy seeing it up close. May we walk behind you?”

“As you wish, Jendi. We will travel slow and talk with you about what is better than horses.”

The crew started marching along the road toward the city which was just a half hour walk for them, and as they walked and chatted with Krindelem and his men, they increasingly passed farms and houses that were in the shadow of the city. As they walked, a crowd slowly gathered from these homes and they walked with the visitors to the edge of the city. A wooden wall with a gate centered on the road lay ahead, and when they got there the gate opened and let them into the city. Most of the crowd went into the city with them.

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