• Nick Richards

Chapter 2: Synthel - Part Fourteen

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

After Jendi finished her soup, and it really did taste better after her first shock of a totally new herb, she addressed the Duke.

“Would it be offensive if I were to ask if you are a duke, does that mean there is a king on Synthel as well? My culture knows of dukes and barons in our past, but for us there was also a king above all.”

The Duke gestured for the next course to be brought.

“We too had a king at one time,” he said. “The people no longer wish this to be the case, so you are addressing the highest person in all the lands.”

“So other lands look to this one?” asked Sevenser.

“I have barons in each land, yes,” said the Duke. “They look to me and I address them with my orders.”

“A king but not in name,” said Sevenser.

“No, not a king!” he objected.

“Why do your people not want a king?” asked Jendi quickly.

He turned to her and said, “We did not enjoy the rule of the last king we had.”

“A zealot?” inquired Jendi gently.

“A zealot,” said the Duke. “The worst of them all in the end.”

“I would love to hear about your history,” said Jendi, “for you seem to have come out of this with a very friendly and healthy culture. How did that happen? We had riots and warfare on Aurial.”

“We had that too, here,” said the Duke softly. “Our books tell us of much suffering. We were a trading people, and still are, and wish to be more so again with your help. So when the zealots first arrive, the books tell us, we welcomed them. They took advantage of our welcome and worked their way into our culture, teaching us new ways — we always enjoy learning new ideas, and this time it was to our downfall.”

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