• Nick Richards

Chapter 2: Synthel - Part Nine

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Back on board the ship, Vialon drew Jendi aside.

“Do not be so trusting,” he said, “we do not yet know of their culture and habits. How they progressed beyond the zealots may be differently than how we did, and they may still have some of the old habits. You could say the wrong thing at late meal and find yourselves under arrest for a law you do not know nor understand.”

“I could say the wrong thing with you present and I would be legally liable all the same, no?” said Jendi.

“What if punishment is administered on the spot?”

“Then I have completely misread the Duke,” said Jendi, “and Renger becomes the new Manager.”

“You mock my words,” said Vialon angrily.

“No,” said Jendi gently, “I appreciate your concern, but I think we have to work with the culture as best we can, and need not provoke them by having you forced into this invitation, or by you sneaking around the city to protect us without their knowing it. You cannot enter the city without drawing a lot of attention, so I ask that you do not attempt it.”

“As you so order,” said Vialon, and he walked away with a frown.

Jendi went to the dining area for a small meal, and to give instructions to Doona about getting local food stuffs from the locals.

“You need not forage on this planet,” Jendi told her, “for I have arranged to trade for whatever food and drink we need.”

“Ah, a good visit for a change,” said Doona, “how nice. Yes, I will make up a list right away.”

“Instructions will follow soon enough,” said Jendi, “but yes, create a wish list and we will see what the locals can fill. The land looks promising.”

“We will eat good,” said Doona, rubbing her hands together.

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