• Nick Richards

Chapter 2: Synthel - Part One

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

The next morning Renger and Tateena reported no electronic communication from the planet as the ship now orbited it, nor was there any sign of space-faring vehicles or satellites. The atmosphere of the planet before them was clear, and the ship’s sensors picked up only wood smoke particulate in the air. Synthel was a blue-green planet with a large land mass and three main oceans. Tateena had located the largest city on the main continent in the northern hemisphere, and Renger had plotted a landing spot just outside the city in a grassy area.

Jendi took Vialon, Grif, Tinno, and Sevenser for her landing party, and as the Candell descended into the atmosphere, the five of them filled their packs with supplies to use as well as to give away. The soldiers discussed which weapons would be best, and Vialon ultimately gave them their orders and they returned to their seats for landing. Jendi and Sevenser watched this dispassionately and waited for Renger to finish the descent. They looked out the windows from where they sat and saw, once they were under the cloud layer that formed over this land, a mostly rural landscape of farms and green fields. In the distance was the city that they had identified as the largest in this region, but from here it looked small and not very impressive. Wood smoke rose from many buildings and created a haze over the city that mingled with the low clouds. If this weather was typical, perhaps this was a rainy planet that encouraged the growth of vegetation. Or maybe they happened along on a wet day.

They felt the ship reach the surface, and then the landing gear cushioned the rest of the movement. Jendi wasn’t very familiar with the mechanics of how that worked, but it was explained to her in a way that made sense, and now she was glad it been installed on the ship. In many ways the Candell was an excellent vessel, the best of tek that Aurial had been able to muster, and certainly more amazing than anything this planet had seen in hundreds of years.

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