• Nick Richards

Chapter 2: Synthel - Part Seven

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

“Gentlemen, I bring you friendly greetings from the world Aurial. We are representatives of the government on that planet — our home — and we are very glad to meet illustrious leaders of this world.”

Jendi introduced her crew one by one, emphasizing the administrative aspects more than the military. Which order she used had varied by the local reception.

“I have been given word that you came to us in a ship that flies through the air, and presumably through space,” said the Duke. “How does it come that you have such ability?”

“We have built this ship — we call it a starship for it travels from one star to another — on Aurial, and it is but one example of the teknology — do you know this word?”

“We have books that talk about technology,” said the Duke, “but it is lost to us how to make such things ourselves. There are some who view it as a child’s tale of wonder, but now I see the old books were right.”

“The old books are right,” said Jendi, “for that is how we were able to make this starship, by looking at the details in a book and following the instructions.”

“Wonderful!” said the Duke. “And are you here to trade, as it was said was done in the old days?”

“Yes,” said Jendi, “that is our purpose here. We come to trade nawledge with you. We wish to share what we have learned, and in return we would like to trade for some of the bounty of your land so that we can have fresh food for our voyage.”

“I will have our Baron of Trade call upon your ship and find out what needs you have,” said the Duke. “I am anxious to know more of this information you wish to trade. Do you really give it freely?”

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