• Nick Richards

Chapter 2: Synthel - Part Seventeen

“We had riots,” said Sevenser, “but only later. For us it was a bit different. We lost all our books and nawledge in the dark days. There was no one left who could remember an earlier age. Then in my grandparent’s day, we found a hidden collection of nawledge, books that were preserved from long, long ago.”

“Who preserved these books?” asked the Duke.

“People who lived before the zealots arrived,” said Sevenser. “People who knew of life when we had the peak of teknology, and they had the foresight to write it down when they saw what the danger would lead to”

“This is the knowledge you are trading?” asked the Duke.

“Yes,” said Jendi, “all that you see of us, our ship, our tools, our books — these all come from that collection of hidden nawledge we found two generations ago. We have much to share, and frankly we are still learning. You cannot take this nawledge all at once or else you are overwhelmed with tools you do not understand and cannot make work for they depend upon earlier tools. Imagine, Duke, if you lost all ability to work with metal. Then you had a book that told you how to forge metal into tools, but the ability to forge was lost to you. You could not read about how to make such tools until you first learned to make a forge.”

“I can understand that,” said the Duke as he ruminated on these words. “You bring me great power, and for that I am grateful. You will find me a willing trading partner, happy to share what we have with you.”

The dinner finished with a dessert that brought joy to the guests who had not known of this fruit before, but planned to enjoy many more times in the future.”

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