• Nick Richards

Chapter 2: Synthel - Part Six

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

They walked up to the front door of the cavernous building, which was guarded by more men in the blue-and-red uniforms, though these were more ornate in their design. Krindelem gestured for them to walk inside and they did, walking past the double-sided doors into a large anteroom that faced another set of double doors. The floor was made of marble and it shone as if the polishing of it never ceased. There were paintings on the wall, almost all of the portrait variety, and most of men dressed in luxurious outfits.

Krindelem gestured again and they went through the now open inner set of double doors and yes, thought Jendi, this was very much like the great religious buildings of Aurial’s past. The architecture was clearly the same as on her home world. Inside the large inner room were rows of seats leading to a stage in the background, but instead of a lectern there was a structure on the stage that held seats in a semi-circle as it rose above the stage floor. In the center of this structure were three men, one of whom stood and waved his arms wide in welcome.

“I bid you welcome, my friends,” he said, his voice echoing through the large hall. “I am the Duke of Synthel, and these are my Barons. Come, draw closer and let us get a look at you. It has been so long since we had visitors from other worlds!”

Jendi thought that this was progress. On the last planet they were driven out by arrows, and never could get them to understand where they had come from. This planet, Synthel, seemed to have a clear memory of the past times. This should make things much easier for her.

The visitors took seats in the front row of the old auditorium, except for Jendi who stood and addressed the Duke and the Barons.

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