• Nick Richards

Chapter 2: Synthel - Part Ten

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

A short while later they had a visitor at the ship’s entrance. The Baron of Trade, and a delegation of others, along with several wagons of supplies rode up. Kinter was on guard duty at the hatch and when he saw them approaching he called for Jendi.

Jendi and Sevenser walked out of the hatch and greeted the Baron, who she recognized as one of those on the stage in their earlier discussion. The Baron showed Jendi that they had brought a large supply of salted meats, and grains, and fresh fruit and vegetables, the likes of which were new to them in some cases. Jendi expressed delight in this trade, and Sevenser handed the Baron a couple of books on how to improve crop yield while cutting down on insect and disease blight, and one on how to build a sturdier and more efficient wagon.

“These are just the start of the nawledge we wish to share with you,” Jendi said. “Please review them with your people and see if they do not immediately improve your lives. We have much more to share with you, if you show interest.”

The Baron nodded and thanked them, then turned around and went back to the city.

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