• Nick Richards

Chapter 2: Synthel - Part Two

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The party leaving the ship got up from their seats and grabbed their packs from the sealed lockers.

“Renger,” instructed Jendi, “you have authority over the ship until we return. Janen and Kinter will assist you in defending the ship, but if natives approach and they appear friendly, you are authorized to leave the ship with one soldier, but the hatch is to be closed immediately once you are outside, and no natives are to enter the Candell unless I give authorization.”

“Acnawledged,” said Renger.

The five left the ship and set foot for the first time in their ives on Synthel. The door closed behind them.

“Smells pleasant,” said Sevenser.

“Nothing in the air should harm us,” said Vialon. “We checked it thoroughly this morning.”

“I know,” said Sevenser, “I just said it smells good.”

“I always forget how the Candell smells until I reach a planet,” said Grif. “Not that I’m complaining about your ship, chief.”

“The ship stinks?” asked Jendi.

“Only when cook experiments,” sniffed Grif.

“Here they come,” Tinno, pointing toward the city. They were in a grassy field off from a road that led toward the city in the distance. From that direction, riding horses, were about ten men rapidly approaching.

“Any bows?” asked Grif with a smile.

“I see nothing beyond swords,” said Vialon, “and your shield should protect you from that as well as from arrows, though I see none among them.” He put down his scanner that he had held to his eyes.

“Orders?” asked Sevenser.

“Let’s walk down to the road and wait for them,” said Jendi. “We need to appear friendly, so no weapons as yet. If all they have are swords, we should be safe enough just standing there.”

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