• Nick Richards

Chapter 3: The Duke - Part Eight

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

“These people aren’t ready for us to visit,” said Janen. “Maybe in a hundred years they won’t jump at the sight of a starship.”

“We did not know the condition of these other planets when we set off,” said Jendi. “For all we knew they had advanced as we had and we were ready to join them in progress. So far it has not worked that way, unfortunately for our attempts to look unthreatening or even inconspicuous. Still, even if all the other planets we travel to are just as this one is, let’s use our prominence to our advantage. If we come knocking loudly on the front door, let’s be proud of what we represent, and let’s spread our nawledge as far as we can.”

“Diamonds before pigs,” muttered Vialon.

“I think that’s not how it goes,” said Sevenser. “It’s an old saying, in any case, and we get your meaning.”

“But I do not get your attitude,” said Jendi as she frowned. “No one doesn’t deserve nawledge. They might not appreciate it yet, but learning is what engenders a greater love of learning, and they must start somewhere. Another hundred years? Think of the harsh lives we can ease during those hundred years who would otherwise have struggled along in ignorance. If I can help just one little girl grow up into a better world, we have not wasted our time!”

“Chief, I think the Duke is here.”

Renger had entered the hall from the bridge.

“I just saw a fancy carriage pull up outside.”

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