• Nick Richards

Chapter 3: The Duke - Part Eleven

The Duke took a breath and looked calmer.

“This I can do. This should never have been allowed to occur in the first place, and perhaps I should have set a guard at the road and kept the crowds away.”

“We want to help you and your people, but we need to do it in an organized way.”

“I can help with that too, just deal with me, and I will share with my people.”

“Meaning what?” asked Jendi.

“You cannot share these gifts with people who do not appreciate them. I will learn and use the palace to demonstrate this new knowledge. The people will look to me for inspiration!”

“As a god?”

“No, no, as a duke.”

“Who acts like and is treated like a king.”

“What of it?”

Jendi thought for a minute.

“How long will it take you to teach your people new agricultural techniques?” she asked.

“We have good harvests,” said the Duke waving his hand. “This is not the key information for my people. What did you do to that boy’s leg?”

“My doctor put it in a cast to protect the leg while it healed from his operation.”

“What is a cast?”

“It is a protective shell, to keep the boy from hurting his leg while it healed.”

“What was that cast made of?”

“A material you do not know, but one which we are glad to teach your people.”

“Teach me!”

“And you.”

“No, me, just me!”

Jendi ignored that, stood up and gestured for the meting to end.

“Please disperse the crowd for us,” she said to the surprised Duke.

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