• Nick Richards

Chapter 3: The Duke - Part Five

“We must think of our ship’s needs,” agreed Vialon.

“And abandon these people?” asked Sevenser.

“No, not abandon,” replied Jendi, “but we need to take it slower. I think we need to talk to the Duke about this. He can get these people to disperse.”

Grif showed up.

“We have important visitors now,” he said. “Looks like those same horsemen from yesterday, or maybe they just all wear that uniform.”

Jendi and Vialon went to a window where they saw below those same ten horsemen in their uniforms.

“I had better get down there,” said Jendi as she walked to the stairs.

Once outside she approached the horsemen, two of whom had dismounted and waited for her to approach them. Jendi came within a few feet of them when one of them spoke.

“What is this uproar you are causing?”

“We had nothing to do with it, I assure you,” replied Jendi as she glanced Vialon and Grif stand behind her in support. “We woke up this morning and found these crowds. We don’t know where they come from, and we certainly didn’t invite them.”

“This is unacceptable,” said the second horseman. “We cannot have this. We must report this to the Duke.”

“Yes,” said Jendi as the two horsemen remounted their steeds, “please ask him to assist us here. We do not wish to cause any problems, but we could use the Duke’s help.”

The horsemen galloped off toward the city, and Jendi and the soldiers returned to the ship.

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