• Nick Richards

Chapter 3: The Duke - Part Four

Without turning her gaze from her son, the mother replied, “Thank you, o thank you!”

Jendi watched the doctor and realized she was using one of the new tek inventions in medicine to reset the bone with a minimal cut into the flesh of the leg. She must have numbed his leg for the boy looked on in wonder, not pain, and kept glancing at his mother the way a dog would glance at his owner to see if any danger were approaching.

Jendi left the medical bay and called a meeting to discuss what to do next. Sevenser and Vialon joined her in the main meeting room.

“How did word spread so fast on this planet?” asked Jendi.

“You do not need teknology to spread nawledge,” said Sevenser, “as gossippers have demonstrated for as long as we have history.”

“We needed that new tek that would let us talk over distances,” said Vialon.

“It was too untested,” replied Sevenser, “too risky to bring on a mission where it might fail us when we need it most.”

“The risk is not being able to communicate unless we are together,” said Vialon.

“In any event,” said Jendi, “we have the tools we have and no more. I’m sure our nawledgists are hard at work deciphering more old notes into fun new tek toys, but for this mission let’s talk about the tools we have, not the tools we wish. What is the status of the crowds outside? I was in the medical bay.”

“They remain,” said Vialon.

“All of them?!”

“Yes, manager, or nearly all, from what I can see from the windows.”

Jendi sighed and said, “We do not have enough to trade with if we give each of them something. We wanted to help people grow in nawledge, not give them toys.”

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