• Nick Richards

Chapter 3: The Duke - Part Seven

Around the table Filn saw Tinno already seated, and he smiled as he saw his wife enter the room. Filn sat across the table from the rest of the soldiers. At one end were Jendi and Sevenser. Tateena showed up and sat next to Sevenser. Doona quickly began serving the soup and sandwiches she had prepared, and soon the hall was filled with the sounds of a meal.

“Perhaps we should re-think our approach on these planets,” said Vialon toward Jendi.

“What we have outside our ship is uncontrollable.”

“And your suggestion?” asked Jendi muffled as she chew her food.

“I am just saying that we draw too much attention this way.”

“Which way?”

“I hear you,” nodded Vialon. “If we approach the people directly, the rulers get hostile. If we approach the rulers directly, the people get curious. No matter what we do, we draw attention to ourselves.”

“Answered your question,” replied Jendi.

“It all comes down to how much nawledge these guys have,” said Grif, next to Vialon. “I mean, I like being a god, and all, but it’s hard to produce miracles. The less these guys understand, the more miracles they want from us!”

“It would be nice to have smaller ships to reach the surface with,” said Sevenser, “say a small ship we carried inside the Candell. Then we could fly down to the surface and hide the small ship in a forest and then quietly approach the rulers. Sadly, we don’t have such an option. We come with with engines blazing and you might as well wake the whole world up when we do that. At least they aren’t shooting arrows at us this time.”

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