• Nick Richards

Chapter 3: The Duke - Part Six

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Kinter left the lower deck window and walked back to the engine room. He saw Filn studying a computer and enjoyed just looking at the engineer as she worked on a problem. Finally she looked up and saw him standing there.

“Oh, hello,” she said, “the riots under control?”

“Heh, it never got that bad. It was just too many people for too small a space.”

“Bossed them around, eh?” Filn looked down again and kept studying the screen.

Ignoring her implied insult, Kinter walked around to Filn’s side to see what she was studying.

“Problems with the engine?”

“No, no problems or anything, but I like to keep my tek in top order and I’m always looking for efficiencies.”

“Those were the best moments in school,” he said with a smile. “When I could show my instructor that she had overlooked an even better solution that I had worked out.”

“I heard you got good marks,” said Filn. “OK, tell you what, take a look at this and see if you can find a better solution to the fuel mix we use when in atmosphere. Engines seems to be running a little hot when we get close to ground level.”

Filn left the computer console for Kinter and she walked over to the main engine controls. Kinter stopped looking at her and started to study the figures on the screen for a few minutes.

They were interrupted by Doona walking in and announcing mid meal, and would they be joining or should she send a couple of plates.

“I’ll join you, Doona,” said Filn as she walked toward the cook.

“Plate, please,” said Kinter as he kept studying.

Filn raised her eyebrow at this, shrugged her shoulder, and then followed Doona back to the dining hall.

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