• Nick Richards

Chapter 3: The Duke - Part Ten

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

“Follow me,” said Jendi as she wheeled around and started walking toward the central ladder and starting climbing toward the upper level of the ship where the meeting rooms were located. The Duke looked askance at such conveyance, then waved his servants back to his carriage, waited until they no longer were looking at him, then quickly climbed after Jendi.

Inside the main meeting room sat Jendi, and she gestured for the Duke to sit across from her. Sevenser started to grab a chair, as did Vialon, but stopped as the Duke spoke.

“No, just us leaders,” he said, “not your servants.”

“They are not servants,” said Jendi, “they are my colleagues. They will join us and hear what you have to say.”

“They are to leave, I command it!” complained the Duke.

“This is not your palace, Duke, it is my ship, my rules apply.”

“Then I will not talk. It is not fitting.”

Jendi stared at him for a moment, then gestured for Sevenser and Vialon to leave.

“Close the door behind you, but wait outside if I need you,” she said.

Once they were alone and the door closed, the Duke exploded in anger.

“What is the meaning of this treachery?!”

“These crowds you mean,” Jendi said calmly. “We had nothing to do with it, I assure you. We woke up and there they were, and they’ve been increasing in number all day.”

“They look at you like a king,” the Duke complained.

“More like gods, but I get your meaning.”

“Then you admit it!”

“Admit what? That your people look upon us as gods, yes, this much is clear to us, and is why I sent for you. I was hoping you could convince these people to return to their homes. We tried and couldn’t get the message across.”

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