• Nick Richards

Chapter 3: The Duke - Part Twelve

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

He finally ignored her breach of protocol, stood up and followed Jendi out and down to the lower level. At the hatch she gestured to the outside and he grandly stepped onto the ground and raised his arms.

“My people,” he shouted, “go back to your homes. Your duke will bring all of this knowledge to you. You will have better lives because of your duke. Go home now, and trust in me.”

The crowd bowed lower, and then turned back toward the road, every single one without exception. As they marched away, the Duke returned to his carriage, turned and called out to Jendi.

“I am glad we understand each other, leader. Return to my home for dinner tonight and we can draw up plans for the transfer of knowledge.”

“We do indeed understand each other,” yelled Jendi from the hatchway, and she waved goodbye as the carriages swung around and headed back to the city. She kept waving until they were long down the road, and then she stepped fully into the ship, closed the hatchway, and climbed to the bridge. Seeing Renger and Tateena at their stations, she addressed them as Sevenser also appeared at the bridge.

“Is the ship in good shape?”

“Yes, no issues I am aware of,” said Renger as she glanced at Tateena for confirmation.

“Sevenser,” said Jendi turning to her administrator, “is everyone on board, and all new cargo locked away?”

“Yes, we got the last of it in storage a few minutes ago.”

Jendi turned to the pilot.

“Take flight, we’re leaving.”

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