• Nick Richards

Chapter 3: The Duke - Part Two

“As long as I’ve been here,” said Sevenser. “They think we are gods or something.”

“Word has spread, I see.”

“Yes, I’ve seen people from every direction heading this way.”

Jendi walked up to Doona and pulled her aside.

“Has it been like this all morning?”

Doona looked at her with stressed eyes.

“They want too much,” she said. “I feel for them, I do, and wish we could do more. Could you get Enisaw down here? Maybe she could help them.”

Jendi agreed and went back to the ship and called for the doctor to join Doona. Enisaw brought as much medical gear as she could carry and went up to Doona. Jendi whispered in Enisaw’s ears, “Don’t rob us of anything we need too much.”

Enisaw nodded and began looking at the boy whose mother said was lame. She got the boy to lay down on the grass, and while the mother looked anxiously on, she used a portable x-ray machine to look at the lame leg. Confirming that he had a previously broken leg that had not properly healed straight, she told the mother to come with her back to the ship where she could operate on her boy in the medical area.

Meanwhile Doona was doing the best she could to placate the masses who are beginning to lose the integrity of the line and began to press forward to see what miracles were being shared with them. Finally Jendi had enough of this growing security situation and climbed up on a nearby rock and addressed the crowds.

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