• Nick Richards

Chapter 4: The Duke's Children - Part Eight

“Why not? They probably haven’t seen one in decades. I spoke to the Duke enough to see how these people talk, and the attitude to show. Who are they to tell me I am not from the Duke? For all these people know, the Duke has issued us new clothes and great new tools, and now we come to share with them.”

They rode for a few more minutes as the two on the horizon grew closer.

“There,” said Jendi, pointing to the left. “See that small hill?”

“Aye,” said Grif, “I can park her behind it.”

“Exactly,” said Jendi. “No need to have to explain too much stuff at once. We will park there and walk the rest of the way into town. Looks like a nice day too.”

They got out, grabbed some packs they put on their backs, and locked the vehicle. It was a nice day, and they quickly found a road, such as it was, leading to town. It looked like a road suitable for one horse-drawn wagon at best, but for walking it was easy. They reached the edge of the town in about ten minutes. Rather, they reached the first signs of habitation in that time, as the town was more a collection of houses and farm buildings. This was a rural community, not a town with a mayor or administrator.

A woman looked out of a window from the first house, saw the four walkers, yelled for her husband to look and then the two of them emerged from their front door.

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