• Nick Richards

Chapter 4: The Duke's Children - Part Eleven

“You must stay for lunch,” said Miriti as she stood up and went back to her kitchen.

They did stay, for what was a genuinely delicious meal and simple conversation where the crew described the city where the Duke lived and what they saw was the latest in the city. When the meal was done, Jendi did not refuse the woman’s offer of food to take with them on their travels. The crew filled their packs with food.

Jendi took Miriti aside and gave her another bottle, this one filled with small white pills.

“Here, use this whenever you for Boritisn feel ill. It will help you feel better quickly.”

Miriti’s eyebrows went up. “Just by taking one of these things?”

“Yes,” nodded Jendi, “we call them pills, and they are the newest thing from healers. Simply swallow one of these pills when you feel sick, not more than one pill per day, and only on days when you feel sick, but you should not feel sick more than a day or two.”

“A day or two!” cried Miriti, “we usually feel bad for a week or more!”

“Not any more you won’t,” said Jendi with a smile as she put on her pack. The four of them walked out of the house and waved back to the friendly farm couple. They reached the road and Jendi led them back the way they came.

“We are not going to reach out to anyone else?” asked Vialon.

“I think not,” said Jendi. “Let’s have this one good experience and call it sufficient. At the moment we caused no ruckus, arose no suspicions, and did not get caught in our act. That was always going to be the trick of my plan, the place where it could all go wrong and we are back being the strangers from the sky. We will take our victory small but complete.”

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