• Nick Richards

Chapter 4: The Duke's Children - Part Five

The ship was noticeably descending, and the call went out to strap in for a landing. Sevenser was still on the bridge and Jendi showed up shortly after the call. They both prepared for landing as Renger tried her best to land quietly in a wooded region.

When they disembarked from the ship onto the grassy ground, it appeared Renger succeeded. They saw no sign of people, or houses or towns, and several minutes after their landing there was no sign of anyone approaching.

“They cannot possibly have not seen us, or heard us,” said Grif, as he looked toward a nearby hill as if expecting to see an advancing army any any moment.

“How close was the town we saw?” asked Jendi.

“Ten or fifteen kilometers,” said Vialon. “That direction.” He pointed at what seemed to be north.

“Close enough to hear our engines,” said Grif.

“But not close enough to understand what they were hearing or seeing, if they even saw a dot descending from the sky, and the sound of, oh, thunder along with it. I think we were far enough away that we might be passed off as an odd sound at most.”

Jendi finished this explanation and then turned back to the ship. Inside she called over Sevenser and told her to camouflage the ship as best she could amid the nearby trees, just in case an expedition was sent to investigate this odd sound. Then she told Vialon to prepare the small vehicle.

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