• Nick Richards

Chapter 4: The Duke's Children - Part One

“What are you doing?!” cried Vialon as he ran into the bridge. He addressed Jendi who still stood there staring out at the forward window that showed the Candell had cleared the atmosphere and was heading for an orbit that she had ordered Renger to plot. She turned to face the military leader.

“We are leaving the Duke and we will try again somewhere else on this planet.”

“This was sudden, was it not?”

“Yes, but decisive after what I saw,” she said. “You saw it yourself. The man is greedy for power, and wants to use our nawledge to control even more power. He treat his people like children — no, not even that, like animals to be grateful for whatever food he gives them.”

“What power does he need that he does not already have?”

“It’s not about that, Vialon. Power is rarely satisfied with power. He wants more for the sake of more. No, we can try another part of this world, see if they are all in thrall to this man, or if there are other lands with a more equitable form of governing.”

“Course?” asked Renger.

“Take us to the opposite side of the planet, look for signs of life, and report back to me,” said Jendi as she walked out of the bridge. Vialon followed.

“You should not have done that precipitously.”

Jendi wheeled around in anger.

“You are not in charge!”

Vialon took a breath and replied, “This is true. You are. I am not arguing this. I am just saying that at the moment you are showing the emotions of a man, and it’s unseemly.”

Jendi continued walking away.

“You know what I said is true,” he called after her, but having made his point he did not follow her.

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