• Nick Richards

Chapter 4: The Duke's Children - Part Seven

“We could approach them as we have been doing all along — visitors from another world, bringing gifts and nawledge. We deal with the usual oohs and aahs, get them to stop prostrating themself in front of us, and gradually overcome their fears. Or, we could try a new approach. The Duke doesn’t think we are here. He saw us fly off, so he thinks we are gone from his world, and he lost his chance for more nawledge, but at least his people saw him dealing with us as equals, and they were impressed. He looks more like a god than ever. So as I was saying, he doesn’t think we are here on the other side of his planet. He probably sends people here once a year at best, probably just has administrators here who act as his representatives, and maybe he sends them letters a few times a year. And it’s almost certain that this administrator carries on the same nonsense as the Duke, and has the people near him worship him as a god figure, or a high priest at least. So he lives in some grand house in whatever is the largest city on this side of the planet. Not this little town. This town probably gets no visitors for a very long time. That’s my plan.”

“Subversion, eh?” said Grif as he steered the vehicle.

“Subversion, yes,” said Jendi. “Let’s show this town how to put our nawledge to use before anyone else on this planet has any idea this is happening.”

“As gods from another planet?” asked Vialon.

“As gods from the Duke,” said Jendi.

Grif laughed and said, “That’s a good one, chief.”

“You intend to pass ourselves off as representatives of the Duke?” asked Vialon incredulously as he glanced at Grif.

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