• Nick Richards

Chapter 4: The Duke's Children - Part Ten

“We travel to you from the other side of Synthel,” said Vialon truthfully.

“From the Duke?” gasped Boritisn. “We should have given you wine!”

“This cider is just what I wanted,” said Jendi, also truthfully, glad that her idea was starting to work.

Boritisn and Miriti stood up and bowed before the visitors. Vialon nodded back and they took that as a good sign and sat back down.

“Indeed,” said Jendi, “we are sent to share some farm improvements with all we meet on our travels. The Duke is generous with his gifts, and to those who show hospitality as you have done, we are instructed to be extra generous.”

The husband and wife stared at each other with anxious and anticipatory looks.

Jendi pointed to Grif, and the sergeant went into his pack and pulled out a book and a couple of small tools, and a bottle filled with what looked like soil. He handed all of this to the couple who took it in their hands and looked at it wonderingly.

“Here is fertilizer that will make your crops grow more abundantly, and the book explains how to use those tools when plowing a field, and how to use that fertilizer, and how to rotate your crops, and how to lay fallow some years on a rotating basis.”

“These are wondrous gifts then!” marveled Boritisn. “We had a low vegetable crop this year because of the drought. Thank you for these gifts.”

“All we ask is that when you read the book, and apply the lessons, and your neighbors see your crops growing more plentifully than theirs, that you do not hide this new nawledge, but share it widely with all you encounter.”

“Truly the Duke is wise,” said Boritisn with conviction.

“Mmm … yes,” said Jendi. “He will be pleased if you apply his gifts widely.”

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