• Nick Richards

Chapter 4: The Duke's Children - Part Three

“I should have invoked the leadership council on this. You were correct, I acted manly, to my shame. I wanted to teach the Duke a lesson and have him see the ship rise to the sky.”

“He will be much harder to reason with now,” replied Vialon just as quietly.

“I know,” said Jendi, “let’s hope we don’t need to. I’m sorry I yelled.”

Vialon laughed.

“Yelling is what soldiers respond well to.”

“I am not a soldier,” she said as she turned away.

Reaching the bridge again, she saw Sevenser there as well as Renger and Tateena. The navigator was showing something to Renger when she saw Jendi.

“I think we have a good spot, manager.”

Jendi went over to the controls and looked over her shoulder.

“See here, it is a populated valley between these two mountain ranges, but plenty of land for us to navigate. There appears to be a city just there.”

Looking at Tateena’s finger, Jendi thought for a while and then turned to Sevenser.

“What do you think? Another city, or should we approach quietly some dwellers in the country, get the feel of the average person first?”

Sevenser bent over and looked at Tateena’s map display.

“How about there?”

Jendi saw smaller population areas that were near that city.

“Yes, let’s try them. Renger, set us down near those, I assume, villages, but try to find another forest for us to come down behind and see if we can avoid too much ruckus this time.”

“You got it, manager,” said Renger as she and Tateena huddled over the map again.

Jendi walked back to her cabin and closed the door.

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