• Nick Richards

Chapter 4: The Duke's Children - Part Twelve

“What do you expect to happen?” asked Tinno.

“I expect our friends to tell their neighbors how wonderfully generous the Duke was to them, and to share the nawledge, and this little community to start growing more crops than this side of the world has seen in centuries, and to plow more efficiently, and for them to become healthier than anyone else on this side of the world.”

“That bottle of pills will run out,” said Vialon, “and then their health returns to what it was.”

“Unless they read the book,” said Jendi, “and especially the chapter on herbs and lore. They will see how to make their own primitive versions of the pills from plants that grow. They might have to experiment a bit to find the right combination, but after years of vibrant health, they will be motivated to do so.”

“You gave them a taste of the best pie they ever had and now will crave it enough to learn to bake new pies,” said Grif.

“That’s the idea,” said Jendi. “If all goes well, this side of the world will grow better, faster and stronger than the other side of Synthel, and they will grow it through sharing and caring for each other. It make take a few decades, but I suspect the Duke will have quite a rival someday from a new form of governing. But if nothing else, we improved the lives of a few families, and perhaps if we return in a few years, even the Duke might be more willing to listen to our ideas of sharing then.”

They reached the vehicle and found it undisturbed. Indeed, they never passed anyone else on the road either coming or going. They loaded their packs and drove back to the ship where Jendi brought the packs to a delighted Doona who made a memorable local meal for the ship’s evening meal. By then the Candell had lifted off and was already on their way to the next planet.

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