• Nick Richards

Chapter 4: The Duke's Children - Part Two

He did not need to follow. Jendi’s face turned red as his words sunk home, and in her heart she knew he was right, but in her head she felt he was wrong. She went to her cabin and lay down on her bed and thought about what had just happened. Why did she act precipitously like that? A knock on her door roused her out of her thoughts.


Renger opened the door.

“You are feeling all right, manager?” Her blue eyes were narrowed in concern.

“Yes, yes, come in.”

Renger closed the door behind her and sat on the edge of the bed. She brushed her blonde hair away from her face and looked at Jendi with an expectant glance.

Jendi shut her eyes and sighed.

“He really got to me, that Duke. Sorry I yelled on the bridge, but I’m fine.”

“For what it’s worth, I agree with your reasoning. I have Tateena looking for a good place for us to land. When I walked back here, we had found one possible spot.”

“You’re too young to remember the riots, aren’t you?” asked Jendi. “I forget, you’re 30?”


“Yeah, too young.”

“You’re not that much older than I am!”

“Old enough to have seen what can happen when people disagree how to use nawledge.”

“I read about it in my training. I was a pre-adult when it ended, so I remember the violence being talked about, it’s something I heard about rather than saw or experienced.”

“He just set me off,” repeated Jendi.

Renger stood, put her hand on Jendi’s shoulder and patted it in a friendly manner. Then she left the cabin. After a moment, Jendi also got up and walked to Vialon’s cabin. After knocking and opening the door, she addressed the military leader quietly.

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