• Nick Richards

Chapter 5: Enarw - Part Eight

“Think the zealots are still in charge here?” asked Sevenser.

“No,” said Jendi, “I don’t get that feeling. Maybe an offshoot of it, or a descendant, or however you’d call it. I mean, if they still have priests running things it might not be far off, but they did not blanche when Vialon said we had nawledge to share. The zealots would have had our heads off for that.”

“You got that right,” said Grif from a few paces in front. At that one of the guards turned around, and Grif turned around again while Jendi stopped talking. They marched along, noting the road was of decent quality and well-maintained. The village drew near and already they passed a few houses of wood and earth that lined the roads, though set back from the road itself to allow for the planting of crops for each house. This was an agrarian society.

Once they entered the village itself, they could see that although the buildings were simple in construction and never much higher than a person’s height, this was a city in its scope. It was a village that went on for miles, for all they could tell. They saw buildings set up for agricultural processing, mills and threshing areas. They saw other buildings designed for processing meat from animals brought here from farms. Leather makers had their shops, and there were forges and woodworkers and other crafts that hinted at this planet’s past as an industrial center. It still was, merely set back a few generations in teknology.

Jendi noticed that very few of the city’s inhabitants stared at them, unlike their reaction on the other planets where the newcomers were objects of great curiosity and wonder. Here if anyone looked up at the horsemen’s sounds they quickly looked down and minded their own business. Here, thought Jendi, they were not newcomers, they were people being taken to the priest by the guards, and that was nobody’s business locally. The locals saw to it that they took no notice. Jendi guessed they hardly noticed their appearance at all. Prisoners they were, no more, no less, and it paid not to get involved.

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