• Nick Richards

Chapter 5: Enarw - Part Eighteen

The others stepped through the hatch nonchalantly, but Wenden did it as if he was saying goodbye to his life and entering a new one. He marveled at the very material the door was made of, and the way the interior of the vessel was unlike anything he had ever seen. The floor was hard and solid, no dirt or even packed dirt, no wood, nothing familiar to him.

“It’s all new, huh?” said Jendi with a smile.

Wenden looked at her in wonder and said, “I never even dreamed this much. When I was a kid and thought about flying to the stars like our forefathers did, I pictured in a wooden vessel sealed with pitch, and never could figure out how to make windows that would work in those conditions. What conditions? I never even knew what would be out there!”

Jendi laughed and said, “Come. Let me show you this vessel — we call it a ship, as you were told, in, I suppose, a gesture to the old sailing ships of the past. This ship has three levels.”

“Bigger than the priest’s house!” said Wenden. “You must be very important on your world.”

“I am an ordinary manager who has been through some experiences that made the leaders of my world think I would be a good manager of this ship and its mission.”

“To trade?”

“Yes, to trade, but that’s just our opening gesture. In fact we want to share our nawledge with others. Do you understand what nawledge is?”


“Yes, what is written in books is nawledge.”

“Like scripture?”

“Well, yes, that’s one kind of nawledge, but there are many other things one can learn from books. We have rapidly developed our world thanks to these, uh, books, and we want to share our bounty with others.”

“Why? If you have all this, what can you possibly want with us?”

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