• Nick Richards

Chapter 5: Enarw - Part Four

Back on the bridge Jendi saw the approaching land mass and pointed to a plain outside of what looked like a city, but on closer approach was merely a series of villages with no tall buildings in sight. The ship landed a few kilometers from the edge of the village sprawl, and as usual Renger found some forest land to use as an impediment to curious local explorers. The Candell finally set down on a small clearing in the midst of a medium-sized forest that was reasonably thick in growth to be unlikely to serve as a walking area for the adventurous. That said, they were close enough to habitation, and the engines were, as always, loud enough, they were certain their descent had been noticed. If they were fortunate, it would engender awe in locals rather than abject fear or the need for immediate military action.

“Bit cold out there, manager,” said Renger as she checked some gauges. “Not polar, by any means, but I think you’ll want a jacket.”

Jendi nodded and unstrapped herself and went back to her cabin. When she reached the lower level, a few minutes later dressed warmly in layers, she found her potential travel party waiting by the outer hatch.

“Sevenser, Vialon, Grif, and Tinno for this one, I think,” she said, nodded toward each of them as she called their names. “And our good doctor too.” Enisaw acknowledged and went to get some gear.

“Janen and Kinter, you will stand guard by the ship,” Jendi continued. “Doona, do not go far into the woods for ingredients until we know more of the condition of Enarw. Filn, please check with Tateena, I think she’s having some issues with one of her displays. Any questions?”

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