• Nick Richards

Chapter 5: Enarw - Part Fourteen

“I would have to see more of your world,” said Vialon. “But your leather goods seem to be of top quality, and I think that could find a market on other worlds. In return, we could give you tropical fruit that we bring from warmer climes. Have you ever tasted a mango?”

“I cannot say that I have even heard of such a thing,” said Reidhi. “Still, if your vessels arrive and women are the ones doing the trading, it would be disruptive.” Turning to face Jendi and Sevenser, he continued, “You are not their servants?”

Jendi shook her head.

“You may answer my questions, I allow it,” said the priest. “If you are not their servants, are you their equals?” He looked distastefully as he asked it.

“No, sir,” said Jendi.

“Then what are you?”

“I am the manager of our vessel, and Sevenser is my administrator.”

“You are their priest?!”

“No, not a priest, just a manager.”

“In charge?”

“Yes, in charge.”

“These men report to you? Answer to your commands?”


Reidhi looked uncomfortable, and his servant standing by the wall looked absolutely stricken with shock. Seeing her, Reidhi said to her, “Go into the kitchen.” The servant scurried out of the room.

“You see the problem, don’t you Vialon?”

“She seemed upset,” said Vialon.

“Indeed,” said the priest, “she faced a world she thought not only impossible, but also condemned by God. You people are blasphemous in her eyes.”

“But you do not?” asked Jendi softly.

Reidhi jumped, but them composed himself.

“I find it shocking, yes, but I am more learned than my servants, so I can accept a condemned world view that is not my own without accepting such a world view. I am stronger.”

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