• Nick Richards

Chapter 5: Enarw - Part Nine

A few hundred meters into this village city they saw the only building that rose in height beyond the ground floor. It was an A-framed wooden building that clearly had an upstairs and a downstairs. The windows were colored in a variety of shades, and the shades formed objects and people that no doubt reflected the local cultural history.

“Illiterate people?” asked Sevenser quietly as she stared at the windows.

“Perhaps,” whispered Jendi.

Kindker dismounted and approached Vialon.

“They stay here, in the garden, and may not advance beyond this hedge, nor may they leave the garden to go around the city. I will leave one guard to see that this is done.”

Jendi nodded wearily at Vialon and he turned to the guard.

“They will remain here while we three join you inside,” he said.

Kindker and the other three guards led the way into the building, and Vialon, Grif and Tinno followed behind. The last guard stood by Jendi and Sevenser and Enisaw, never staring at them directly even when he gestured that they were to get off the pathway and stand on the grass out of the way. This he did without a word or glance, but they got the point and cooperated. Jendi kept staring at the priest’s home as if to discern what was happening inside.

As Vialon and his men entered the home, Kindker gestured for them to wait by the door. He then walked into the home and told a servant that he had brought visitors to the priest. The servant, an elderly woman who was still spry, glanced at the strange men with a disdainful look and then climbed the stairs to the upstairs residence. A few minutes later a middle-aged man with greying and thinning hair descended. He wore a robe of soft material that was dyed purple, with a thick collar that he kept wrapped tight around his neck. He wore a small, round cap on his head that was also this same purple color.

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