• Nick Richards

Chapter 5: Enarw - Part Nineteen

“We don’t know,” said Jendi. “That’s the thing about learning. When two people set out to learn, there’s no telling where they might each wind up. Good things come from learning. We don’t know how your world would have grown with our help, but chances are you would have eventually developed something that we would be impressed with, and then we would be trading for that.”

“That won’t happen now,” Wenden said slowly and sadly.

Jendi put her hand on his shoulder and said, “Not yet, but maybe in the future. When your people want it, we will return.”

Doona had been watching this and now said, “Well, I’m off to prepare late meal for us and for our honored guest. If you wish to show him the ship, now’s your chance.” She climbed up to the top level.

“Yes, come, Wenden,” said Jendi, “let me show you around.”

She showed him the tool shed on this level, thinking that would be the most familiar, and indeed he marveled at the tools, but understood most of them. Then came the engine room and a long explanation of his planet’s past as an industrial center, and how these engines often came from Enarw then (Wenden didn’t believe it), and then a long explanation of what an engine was (Wenden sort of got the idea).

On the second level he saw the hydroponics lab and the exercise room, and then on the top level the bridge with its wraparound window that provided a taller perspective onto his world than Wenden had even experienced other than climbing a tree. Meal was then announced and the crew went into the dining hall.

At that moment, Renger popped her head into the dining hall and said, “We’ve got visitors. Four uniformed men on horseback.”

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