• Nick Richards

Chapter 5: Enarw - Part One

“What’s our status?” asked Renger.

“On course, about five hours out from Enarw,” replied Tateena.

It had been a week since they left Synthel, and it was an uneventful week. The soldiers did some drills, Filn took Kinter’s suggestions and found it theoretically should improve the fuel mix when the Candell set down through the next planet’s atmosphere and she was anxious to test it, and Doona and Tinno had some quiet time for themselves, and Jendi and Sevenser had long philosophical discussions about the nature of their mission. Should they noisily start each mission at the top, or quietly reach out to those at society’s bottom. Jendi argued that it’s more efficient to co-opt the ruler or rulers of a planet, since they know their people and conditions best. Sevenser countered by saying that starting small and quiet helped them learn of the local conditions before they encountered any managers, and thus could operate from a stronger position when they did meet. Vialon had joined them for some of the discussions, and he pushed for the top-down approach that Jendi was suggesting. When Vialon told Grif about that later, the sergeant raised an eyebrow but accepted that Vialon was not as opposed to their manager as he feared.

In short, it was an uneventful week.

“How do we look?” asked Jendi as she stepped onto the bridge.

“We’ve reached orbit around Enarw,” said Renger, “and Tateena is looking for a good place for us to land.”

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